Have a Green Holiday!

Ocean Acidification - The effects of global warming.


Bluefin tuna - greed trumps science.

Pneumonic Plague in the Ukraine

Dr. Daniel Pauly- Toward a Conservation Ethic for the Sea: Steps in a Personal and Intellectual Odyssey

"The Age of Stupid" - First Korean Screening

Mucilages, also known as Sea Blobs.

A quick note...

Dear Korea: Plastic Umbrella Bags

My dream home is made from a shipping container....

Blog Action Day: Ocean Acidification

Aquacalypse Now

Be Green Forever and Recycle Yourself. Guest post by Elizabeth Fournier.

Review: Hot, Flat, and Crowded. By, Thomas Friedman

William Kamkwamba and the wind

What do you know about the fish you are eating?

An Interesting listen: Oceans of Trouble

Green Living: Avoiding Asbestos. Guest post by James O'Shea.


Finding Green Products

A picture is worth a thousand words...

What's in your Exfoliant?

How to comment...

The Story of Stuff

Dear Korea...

What is in our water?

The Mannahatta Project

Whales being attacked by seagulls.

Edible and not-so-edible fish

Earth Alert, A Photographic Response to Climate Change- Seoul, S. Korea

The unnecessary paper trail.


Just incase you haven't heard about Garbage Island


Reduce, reuse, recycle - new terms for Calgary, Alberta.


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