My dream home is made from a shipping container....


Anonymous said...

i seriously LOVE this. i want to have a container house someday! -karen

Abbie said...

Shipping containers being used as building materials are pretty abundant now, and it are cost-effective to boot! But when I saw that being used as a housing material for the first time, I was mesmerized. One day, if I have some spare money when I retire, I'll certainly go for a container house near my own house at Edmonton. Best mortgage rates in my opinion is the most important factor to look upon, to maintain balance over your expenses.

With the rates that are applicable for people with varying financial status, house financing (Edmonton-based mortgage company) is the solution.

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Blogger said...

Who Else Wants Simple Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build A Container House From Scratch?

* How to build a beautifully designed home using shipping containers.
* The cheapest way to build a container home from start to finish.
* The fastest way to get your project complete and livable.

GET STARTED: Build A Container Home From Scratch

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info! are a few other shipping container homes you’ll love to see.

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